Who are we?

About us

Erika Carmel Ltd. is an international company, headquartered in Israel, which markets and distributes the B-Cure Laser products, a series of revolutionary devices designed to treat pain, orthopedic disorders, wounds and inflammations. The B-Cure Laser is based on the Soft Laser Technology and, thanks to its exclusive international patent, it has the same healing power as the expensive stationary machines used in clinics and pain treatment centers, all in portable, light devices designed for daily domestic use.
A geriatric specialist tells her personal experience with the B-Cure Laser device

High professional standards

The advanced technology is supported by strict monitoring and inspection procedures; as a result the Company and its products are leaders in the home medical devices market.

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Professor Daniel Reis tells his professional experience with B-Cure Laser

Recommended by leading doctors worldwide

Tens of thousands of patients in many countries across the globe use the B-Cure Laser devices to treat orthopedic disorders, pain, inflammations, wounds, and sports injuries and to facilitate and speed up recovery from surgeries and wounds. B-Cure Laser products are recommended by leading doctors worldwide, who rely on these devices as an important medical option, broadening the range of treatment offered to their patients.

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B-Cure Laser products are approved for use by Health Canada, by the European Community (CE 0197) and by the health authorities of many other countries.


B-Cure Laser Classic is intended for the management of pain including: Chronic back pain; Chronic neck pain; Knee pain; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Fibromyalgia; Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS); Temporomandibular Joint Disorder; May help as an adjunctive treatment for acute and chronic wounds.


B-CURE Laser SPORTS is more powerful than the B-CURE Laser Classic; it has been especially designed to effective deliver pain relief and healing solution to athletes and in general to people who live very active lives.


B-CURE Laser PRO is a more powerful (30%) version of the B-Cure Laser Classic. B-CURE Laser PRO is suitable for medical professionals as well as for home use and is particularly indicated for the treatment of wounds and ulcers.